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What is Passfolio Pro?

What features will I have access to when I subscribe to Passfolio Pro?

How can I activate Passfolio Pro?

How do I pay for Passfolio Pro?

What happens if I don't have enough cash in my account to pay for Passfolio Pro?

How can I deactivate Passfolio Pro?

What happens to the Pro features when I unsubscribe to it?



Referral Program

Our referral program allows you to invite your friends to use Passfolio and earn rewards. For every friend...

Stock trading fees

We do not charge commission fees to trade stocks priced US$ 5 or more. For stocks that are priced below US$ 5, there is a US$ 0.02 charge...

Crypto trading fees

Cryptocurrency trade fees are based on the order amount: $0.99 for orders not more than $10, $1.49 for orders not more than $25...

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